Reasons As To Why A Wedding Sand Ceremony Is Carried Out.

Over the years two families that have been joined together by marriage among their children have used a certain unity candle as a symbol of the joining. However nowadays have changed due to the fact that some couples blend more than two families and all have to be incorporated. This includes step-parents maybe from both sides. People decided to create a unique way in which they could incorporate every parent party without letting them dispute over the single candle for formerly available for the bride's parents and the groom's parents.

Nowadays sand ceremony has replaced these unity candles. Though many of you may not have heard about these sand ceremonies, they are quite well known especially for beach weddings. It occurs as follows; a table is placed near the front of the ceremony site and can be decorated to reflect your wedding theme, at the center of the table a single vase will be placed. This part is what makes this ceremony traditional since the vase holds the individual gifts and contributions from each person termed as special in that wedding.

Couples choose two types of wedding sand in terms of color, one for each side. Now as each parent goes down the aisle they go pouring a small amount of the color sand regarding what side they belong to, that is whether the bride's side or the groom's side. How this proves wrong the unity candles way is that even the step parents for this case can go take a handful of sand for the side they are representing and feel well acknowledged. Nowadays even grandparents are attending the weddings of their grandchildren. If in your wedding they are available then you should maybe take a small vase and put for them to pour their sand.

After undertaking the above step and the parents are now seated, the marriage celebrations take place. Once all the celebration activities are undertaken the couple will themselves go to the table and pour and seal the remaining sand from the containers into the Unity Vase. Regardless of how small a sand grain is when joined together with other grains they form something of substance. Now the Unity Vase comes for the general unifying and joining the two sides just like the unity candle was supposed to do. That way you can see that the wedding sand is more Click! and reliable because it incorporates all available and special persons to the couple.

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