How To Plan a Wedding Sand Ceremony

A wedding is an occasion that brings two people together making them husband and wife. It is one of the most important days in a lifetime since it happens once for many couples. Wedding sand ceremony is an upcoming event that most people choose to incorporate in the wedding ceremony. It involves pouring of different colors of sand into a clear vessel to form a layered effect. In most instances it is only the couple who perform this act but in other settings it involves the couple's parents and children to express unity of the whole family. It takes places mostly after the exchange of vows and rings. For other couples they prefer to do it during the reception.

First, when planning a sand ceremony wedding , you need to get the right vase as this is something that will stay in your house forever. Choose a clear glass so as to display the beautiful layers of different colors of sand. You need two small vases that will hold the sand that will be poured to the big vessel. For those who perform this ritual as a family you can add the small vases depending on the number of family members who will participate. This vessel is place in the house as a memory. It is a great option to signify unity as opposed to candles which eventually burn out. It is also great for outdoor events as you don't have to worry about the candle being blown off by the wind.

Next you need to buy the right colors as the different patterns are what make the vase beautiful. In most settings, the priest is the one who pours white sand first as a sign that God is the foundation of the holy union. Choose colors that best represent who you are. The groom pours in the sand, followed by the bride. Members of the family can then pour the sand and on top of the groom and the bride.

It is important to let the guest know about it earlier. The officiant can explain the importance of sand wedding so as the congregation does not remain clueless, this will make them appreciate the ceremony. There are different wedding sand kits available all you have to do is choose one that will meet your requirements. In case you have no idea where to find the required items you can view different websites. Nowadays you can order for items online such as at  and have them delivered at your doorstep.

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